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Ken Gray Insect Image Collection

      Ken Gray worked for Pacific Supply Cooperative in Portland, Oregon, for over 30 years. Ken was also an avid photographer and amassed a large number of slides on an array of subjects including insects and related arthropods. In the late 1970s over 30,000 slides were donated to Oregon State University by Gray and Pacific Supply.

      Ken Gray images can usually be identified by an index number such as "100-12" in the lower left corner. Ken Gray used Kodacolor negative film that was copied onto duplicating slide film for projection.

     The original image collection is held at OSU. About 5000 images of Ken Gray's collection have been digitized and are stored as JPEG files. Web-quality versions of these digitized images are available to the public for general viewing and personal use through a relational web database. The images are copyrighted and may not be used for other purposes without the permission of OSU. High-quality JPEG files are available (3000x2000 resolution) for those wishing to use the images in publications and other media. The following three agreements describe use of the Ken Gray Insect images. Please read through these and decide your option and file needed forms. If you have any questions about the agreement, please contact Dr. Russell Karow or Hans Luh.